Luis Orellana Investigations


California PI # 25241  

Testimonial:  "Child Custody Investigation"

Luis Orellana did an excellent job with my case, he went over and Beyond his job description and duties. He handle my case like his own situation and not once did he let me down. He was very passionate and was dedicated concerning my case and handled it with care. he was diligent on coming up with the resolution and a job well done he did... I have already referred him to people I know and they are ecstatic with his work. 

Thank you Luis Orellana

"Kevin W....."  July 2017

Testimonial:  "Child Custody Investigation"

Luis Orellana was hired to find an individual who had "disappeared" with a very valuable antique and also a substantial amount of money for interior design services that were never rendered. Luis has proven to be both a savvy and diligent investigator, committed to achieving the objective based his personal reputation. He has already obtained and returned the antique to my possession, and will focus now on the return of monies taken in association with the local police department. My experience has been one of "positive relief," knowing that an experienced and professional investigator has taken control of this unexpected and undesirable situation!

"David H....."  March 2017

Testimonial:  "Stalking Victim Investigation"

I feel very pleased and grateful to how much Luis helped me. Words can't describe the peace of mind I have today because of his strong support. I respect him very much and he delivers your needs with confidence. I can tell he truly cares for his clients. What I appreciated so much was that he took the time with patience to listen to my needs , which for me, was very important. He made me feel safe in my situation that I went through. I highly recommend his expertise to anyone out there who needs help. I am serious. Hire him if you need help. 

Thank you so very much Luis.

"Ruby K....."  November 2016

Testimonial:  "Infidelity Investigation"

I cannot recommend Luis Orellana's investigative services highly enough! I made several inquiries for PI services and Mr. Orellana's customer care and response to my needs stood out above the rest. Mr. Orellana personally attended to my needs, met with me, made me feel at ease during the process, and conveyed that he genuinely cared about my circumstances. In addition, Mr. Orellana provided regular updates as the investigation unfolded. If you want stellar investigative services with a heart, then you must hire Luis Orellana Investigations.

"Ruth T....."  May 2016

Testimonial:  "Various Investigations"

Over the years I have hired a total of 9 Private Investigators. Hands down Luis is the best!  He's hard working, professional, documents everything and checks in with you to make sure his time is efficiently used. I've seen him achieve results that no other private investigators have been able to accomplish. I know many celebrity clients that he has worked with and the reason why he gets his results is that Luis simply works harder than any other PI.  

"David D....."  January 2016

Testimonial:  "Child Custody Investigation"

Luis L. Orellana was called at the 11th hour, just days away from a child custody hearing. Luis understood the pain and predicament I (and my son) were in, and offered his services with the ability to deliver the results before the court hearing. Luis worked right up to the last possible minute and delivered a detailed report; as promised. I highly recommend Luis; as he was recommended to me by another private investigator.

"Mark G....."  February 2016

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